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What is Vibration?  What is Frequency?

What did he say?!

  • Vibration is a repeating back-and-forth movement; oscillation

  • Frequency is a measure of the speed of vibration; cycles per second (cps) or Hertz (Hz)

  • Sound is created by the compression waves in air that vibrate structures in our ears

  • People can hear vibrations between about 20 and 20,000 Hz

Let me try!

Many every-day items vibrate and can produce sound that we can hear.

Borrow a wine glass (glass with a stem).  Make sure the rim of the glass and your fingers are very clean by rubbing them with a little bit of vinegar.

Stabilize the base of the glass on a hard surface.

Now run one finger around the rim of the glass, continuing around faster and faster until you make the glass "sing."

The bowl of the glass is vibrating and creating sound waves that you can hear.

Click "Next" to see what factors influence frequency.

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