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Share your professional development topic ideas.

AIAA RMS is gathering and creating short-course topics for the 2024-2025 professional development efforts. Take the survey to include your ideas & opinions.

Summary: Updraft Aerospace and AIAA Rocky Mountain Section (RMS) have teamed up to gather inputs on the future of the Aerospace Industry. We welcome your thoughts on what technologies and professional development topics are most important for the industry. This benchmark will allow us to bring you the most appropriate content for future AIAA events as well as provide a source of valuable information for your own organization’s improvement.All responses will remain confidential, and you do not need to provide any personal information. Results will be made available for AIAA members, but participation is important to making the data useful. So, please join us by completing the following form: AIAA RMS/Updraft Aerospace: Future of Aerospace Tech and Development Benchmark,  2024

Bio: Eric Cain is an Aerospace Engineering Consultant with over 20 years of experience in both Aviation and Space systems Design, Development, Test and Operations. He is the founder of Updraft Aerospace, LLC where he works with customers across the industry to develop new systems and serves as a mentor and coach for young professionals seeking to expedite their path to becoming engineering leaders in the Aerospace field. Eric also serves as the Professional Development Committee Chair with AIAA RMS.


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