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It IS rocket science!

STEM Activities for Kids


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It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

Explore the world of aerospace:  scientists, engineers and many other people create airplanes, rockets and satellites using science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Science is essential to understanding the world around us.
Branches of science important to aerospace include physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology and biology.

The use and development of technology are inseparable from aerospace endeavors.

Engineers conceive, develop, build and test systems.  They apply science and mathematics to create novel solutions to challenging problems.

Mathematics is foundational to engineering, science, and technology.  Oh, yeah, math is used in art as well.


Learn about aerospace engineering and science: rockets, airplanes, satellites, and technology.

Perform experiments.  Design and build your own systems.

Good Vibrations

Learn about natural frequency of tubes and build a wind chime

Recommended for grades 5+

NGSS:  MS-PS4-(1&2); 3-5-ETS1-(1-3); MS-ETS1-(1-4)

Essay Contest

"Describe a space mission that integrates several different system capabilities."

For 7th & 8th grades

Mars Lander

We are working on a new activity.

Check back in 2021.


We are working on a new activity.

Check back in Summer 2021.

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