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AIAA Rocky Mountain Section 2022 Nomination Ballot



Incumbent: Alexandra Dukes

Candidate(s): Alexandra Dukes

Vice President

Incumbent: Marshall Lee

Candidate(s): Marshall Lee 



Incumbent: Kathleen Pirazzi

Candidate(s): Kathleen Pirazzi

Communication Director



Matt Granger

I am a new member of AIAA and am excited to be considered for the RMS Communications Director position. How we communicate as an association and chapter are critically important, both to current members as well as reaching out to new members to expand our membership, community engagement, and influence. With over 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry, across both government and the commercial sector, I’ve seen the very real difference an engaged and active professional association chapter can make. From Education & STEM engagement, to chapter communications, to public policy engagement, our RMS chapter is positioned to do great things and I look forward to playing a role in its future.”


Michayal Mathew

I am Michayal “Mickey” Mathew, a crewed systems engineer at Sierra Space and I joined AIAA as a student in 2015. I am passionate about space exploration and developing the capabilities of current and future aerospace professionals. I believe that I am a good fit for this role because I am  technologically savvy, skilled with a variety of creative design tools, and have had extensive experience with marketing and communications in the past. In undergrad and graduate school, I was the marketing director for the student's engineering council as well as webmaster for my research lab. At Sierra Space, I consult with our comms team often and help them understand the technical side of our products so that we can portray the capabilities more effectively. I would love the opportunity to bring my skillset to growing the AIAA RMS as communications director.

Membership Outreach Director


Tyler Guiden

I have been a member of the AIAA since 2015 and have been looking to increase my participation in the RMS. I believe that my interpersonal communication skills and willingness to teach and mentor makes me a great fit for the Membership Outreach Director position. I communicate with multiple companies at all levels of management on a daily basis and regularly participate in work related conferences in my current professional role. I believe that the skills I have obtained through my professional work extend to the roles and responsibilities of this position nicely.

Jonathan Wrobel

The AIAA has served as an incredible resource for me throughout my career, while earning my BS in Physics and MS in Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering at Stanford University, to earning my PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Washington in Seattle. In my current role as a Systems Architect at Lockheed Martin Space, where I develop solutions for Weather & Earth Science missions, the resources, events, and community of the AIAA are even more valuable to me since joining industry. Currently I am a senior member of the AIAA, and as Membership Outreach Director, I want to bring the benefit of the AIAA to the incoming wave of new aerospace engineers as our field booms - both to those coming up through aerospace and related degrees, and those coming into the field from adjacent disciplines - and help give us all the best tools and connections as we collectively architect the future. 

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