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Design tubes to produce a desired note

Now use the tools and instructions below to design your chime tubes:

  1. On the Left Panel Click on a note to listen to its sound.

  2. On the Right Panel use the slider to change the frequency to match the note you picked.  See the calculated length​ of your chime tube.

  3. Use the diameter buttons to see what happens to the length of your chime tube.

  4. Below the panels use the boxes to type your chord, the tube diameter and length.  

  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each tube. 

  6. Play your Chord by typing each tube frequency into box at the right of the chord table and hitting play.

Play Sample Notes
Use Slider to Design Your Wind Chimes
  • You can use the Left-Right arrow keys to move the frequency smaller amounts.
  • Use the play pause buttons to turn the sound on and off.
  • See the sound wave get shorter or longer as we change the frequency.
Octave Ranges.jpg
My Chord
Tube #1 Length
Tube Diameter
Tube #2 Length
Tube #3 Length
Select Your Chord

Do random frequencies sound as good as your chord?

Challenge - What are the frequency ratios of your chord?

Click "Next" to build a chime.

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